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Byline Times: “I am an optimistic person, but I feel hopeless right now”

Byline Times‘ Katharine Quarmby recently came to Baobab to interview young Afghans and our Director Sheila Melzak about the impact that the Taliban’s threats against their families in Afghanistan is having on their lives in the UK.

Her article “The Taliban Protection Racket” published today in Byline Times, shares how some of our young people are sending all of their earnings and living in debt to make sure younger siblings are not forcefully recruited by the Taliban or their families in Afghanistan beaten up. 

Baobab is again calling on the Government to accelerate the processing of family reunion cases and of the newly‑opened Afghanistan Resettlement Scheme (still not running for people currently in Afghanistan), in the hope that our young people can achieve more peace of mind and stability in their efforts to rebuild lives in the UK with their loved ones.