Baobab Centre for Young Survivors in Exile – Surviving violence, creating hope, rebuilding lives


Our community

At Baobab everyone is a part of our community. Young people, staff, volunteers, interpreters, tutors… all participate in the therapeutic process of helping, supporting, and sometimes challenging each other. We value our diversity and strive to learn from each other.

Of our young people had no parental figures in the UK when they arrived
Were under-18 when they arrived
Coming from 27 different countries
Different languages spoken in our community
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The roots of our community spread far and wide across the world. With young people originating from over 27 countries – including Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Nigeria, Iran, Sierra Leone, China and Albania – many with armed conflicts. Our volunteers and team hail from countries as diverse as DRC, Japan, Uganda, Kenya, Hungary, China and Afghanistan, and we celebrate our diversity. So when we get together you are as likely to be greeted in French as Pashto, Hindi and English.

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Our Community of Young People

Baobab is a place where young asylum seekers and refugees who have experienced significant disruptions in the continuity of their lives can come to explore, reflect and build a new and coherent narrative for themselves. They do this in individual therapy, in smaller group therapy sessions and together in large community meetings to which all staff and young people are invited. For example, young people can attend Trustees’ meetings, plan activities with staff, cook for our community dinners, or join a recruitment panel for new staff.

Our Team and Volunteers

Whether clinicians, caseworkers, interpreters, workshop facilitators and tutors, or people on admin, we rely at Baobab on the skills, experience, and dedication of talented staff and generous volunteers alike. All work within our holistic and multi-disciplinary model to support each young person in the community.

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Our Partners

The Baobab Centre works together with a number of like-minded organisations to challenge policies and practices that have serious negative impacts on the lives and development of our young community members and of young people like them. In doing so we engage directly with the Home Office, Social Services and other statutory agencies. We stand stronger because we don’t stand alone.

Supporters and Friends

We simply would not be able to do the work we do without the incredible support from our funders, supporters and friends. They too are vital members of our community, welcomed at our summer BBQ or Winter Party.

Image credits: Illustrations from Baobab’s Behind the Mask book.

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