Baobab Centre for Young Survivors in Exile – Surviving violence, creating hope, rebuilding lives


About us

The Baobab Centre is a non-residential therapeutic community that supports young asylum seekers and refugees who have experienced child and adolescent specific human rights abuses and have sought asylum in the UK as unaccompanied minors.

We provide holistic support with individual and group psychotherapy, social casework support and psychosocial community activities. We see the young people for as long as they wish and need to be seen. We fight for rehabilitation and justice for all young people seeking refuge in the UK.

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About Baobab

A community of support in North London for young refugees victims of human rights abuses
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Our community

Meet our community of young people, staff, volunteers, interpreters and tutors
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From the first seed to over 15 years of therapeutic support for young survivors
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Our partners

Organisations that help us support our young community members and fight for their rights in British society

5 ways to support our work

We are a charity that relies on volunteers and the generosity of our supporters to raise vital funds. We are immensely grateful for any support you can give.