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Bringing our expertise to inform public debates on young people’s mental health and the asylum system.

At the Baobab Centre we aim to be a reflective organisation. Over the years, through our psychotherapeutic practice and community-based framework we have built up considerable expertise in the field of mental health for young people seeking asylum in the UK. Through our research we aim to share this building knowledge in order to better support the young people we work with and inform debates and policies.

We aim to run at least one key research project each year. We often work with volunteer clinical students to assist with this research. Sign up to our mailing list, follow us on social media or visit our jobs and volunteering page to find out about current research projects and opportunities.

Research and Project Requests

If you would like to do research with or have a project that would involve the young people of our community or our staff, please complete our request form. Our research committee will discuss your project and we will be in touch.

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