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Byline Times: Baobab testimonies featured in report on Afghans abandoned by the UK Government

The powerful and tragic testimonies of two Afghan young men from the Baobab community are featured in the report “They Are Keeping Us Here to be Killed: The Loyal Afghans Abandoned by Johnson’s Government” by Katharine Quarmby, published in Byline Times on 22 September 2021.

One young Baobab community member, reflecting on the lack of any visa route for his family now, told Katharine Quarmby of Byline Times: “In five years they won’t even exist.” 

Clinical director Sheila Melzak adds: “[young Afghans at Baobab] feel helpless to protect their families and guilty that they are living in relative stability in the UK while their family members are at risk of being killed.”

All Afghan families need help now.