Baobab Centre for Young Survivors in Exile – Surviving violence, creating hope, rebuilding lives


Our partners

The Baobab Centre is part of a large network of sister organisations and institutional partners that help us better support our young community members and fight for their rights in British society.

Please see our Baobab briefings for information on the many campaigns we have participated in with like-minded voluntary organisations to ensure protection of young people seeking asylum and refuge in the UK. We are proud to have working relationships with the following partners:

Sister Charity Organisations

We have active advocacy relationships with the following partners, allowing us to amplify the voices and issues our young community members face via research cooperation, targeted institutional influencing work or knowledge dissemination with the larger public.

We are part of the following coalitions:

Rehabilitation and Social Casework Partners

We’re very happy to have an active and warm relationship with JCORE’s JUMP programme, allowing us to find wonderful, dedicated befrienders that can help our young people navigate the perilous journey into adulthood – or simply be there as a friend for weekend visits.

We work with the following partner organisations for asylum and casework support:

Education Partners

Helping us support our young community members in accessing education at all levels, the following partners are key to their rehabilitation into British life:

Employment Support Partners

Bitenge, head of group work, works alongside the leadership team that helps young people find employment. Most of the partners involved in this have come from developed personal connections over time.

Legal Partners

We work with all solicitors when they represent our young people well. When they don’t, we help our young people find new solicitors. These are a few of the firms we have been collaborating with some success over the years:

Research Partners

In addition to our active research links with sister organisations, we have currently active research relationships with individuals from the following institutions:

Health Partners