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Info for young people

Your journey at Baobab

The Baobab Centre is what we call “a therapeutic community” and “a transitional space”. This means that we offer a place where we can work together to support you with your difficulties and help you in your transition to life in the UK.

Here are some of the essential moments in your journey at Baobab and at each step of the way we will be with you by your side.

Step 1 – Your referral to Baobab

Your social worker, or someone who knows and helps you, contacts Baobab (or calls us on 0207 263 1301) and asks for a referral. You can also ask for a referral yourself, but it is better if someone helps you, as the referral form can be complicated.

Step 2 – A few meetings to get to know each other

You will come to Baobab up to three times for initial meetings with the Baobab team. These meetings are to get to know you, understand what you need, and discuss how Baobab could help. An interpreter will assist if needed. As with all the work that we do at Baobab, all information shared during these meetings will remain confidential.

Step 3 – Starting therapy

After those meetings, you will be invited to join Baobab to start therapy: this will be individual therapy (one on one: you and your own therapist, with an interpreter if needed) and possibly group therapy sessions (sessions with other young people like you and a group therapist).

Step 4 – Joining the community

Once you start coming to Baobab and start meeting regularly with your therapist, you will also be invited to take part in other areas of the community, such as:

Step 5 – Leaving Baobab

At Baobab we will support you for as long as you feel it is necessary until the day when you do not need our support anymore. Ending therapy can be challenging. We will support you with this and you will discuss with your therapist when you feel ready to bring your therapy to an end. When you feel it is time, you will be offered the possibility to end therapy but remain a member in our community and continue attending our events. We will always respect your choice and your privacy – but know also that we will always be there to help you in case you need our support again in the future.

And we love hearing from our Baobab alumni, even long after they have moved on and built successful lives for themselves!