Baobab Centre for Young Survivors in Exile – Surviving violence, creating hope, rebuilding lives


Teresa Bailey

head and shoulders portrait

Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist

A few words about me

Many years ago I taught French and Spanish. I have lived in different places in the UK. My favourite place has always been London. I lived and worked in Tanzania for 6 years in the 1980s. My neighbours come from Tanzania, Colombia, Portugal, Jamaica, the Middle East.

What does your role at Baobab involve?

I offer therapy for emotional trauma and other mental health difficulties that young people in Baobab have to struggle with.

What is your desert island book or music?

Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens and Losing my Religion by REM.

What 3 words would you use to describe Baobab?

Warm. Essential. Unique.