Baobab Centre for Young Survivors in Exile – Surviving violence, creating hope, rebuilding lives


Mark Andrews

head and shoulders portrait

Finance Administrator

A few words about me

I studied politics at Edinburgh University and am happy to be working for a charity and not a big business or political party! I’m an Arsenal fan and am interested in art and revolutionary history. I enjoy walking on the Heath and listening to science and comedy podcasts.

What does your role at Baobab involve?

I do the financial administration and well as helping with IT, reception and the odd bit of DIY and any random tasks that come up. I also make sure there’s good background music on in the office.

What is your desert island book or music?

Cape Town Revisited by Abdullah Ibrahim, great relaxing music to work to.

What 3 words would you use to describe Baobab?

Inspiring. Hopeful. Dedicated.