Baobab Centre for Young Survivors in Exile – Surviving violence, creating hope, rebuilding lives


Our funding

How we raise and spend our money

At the Baobab Centre we have been working towards rehabilitation and justice for young refugees and asylum seekers since 2008. While we are committed to a communal size and structure, maintaining and growing our community would not be possible without our funding partners and donors in solidarity with our work.  

We do not do this work out of charity, but solidarity. While there are inherent power differentials between our staff and the young people we support, we collectively understand that our wellbeing as a society and the liberation of all marginalised peoples are interconnected. None of us are free until all of us are free. 

Baobab is funded by 25 individual funding partners representing different trusts and foundations, major donors who are individuals who give on their own behalf, in memory of someone, or through a trust, monthly donors, and one time donations. We are grateful for our funding partners and donors of all kinds, our work would absolutely not be possible without your vital support. Baobab also raises a small amount from activities such as providing specialist clinical reports for lawyers or training for various professionals including the statutory sector.

Learn more about Baobab’s fundraising policy (PDF 225Kb).

Our Funders

As part of our five year strategic plan, one of our priority outcomes is to secure more multiyear, unrestricted funding from various trusts and foundations, and increase our major donor base. Instead, we want to increase our donor base overall through our website and social media and gauge the level and kind of support they are willing to contribute. If you are able to help support our work please get in touch.

The Baobab Centre acknowledges with appreciation the financial support during the year of:

  • AB Charitable Trust
  • Aurum Charitable Trust
  • The Bromley Trust
  • BBC Children in Need Small Grants
  • Ben & Jerry’s UK Fund
  • The Crucible Trust
  • Coutts Philanthropy
  • David Kogan
  • Greenwood Place
  • The Iguano Trust
  • The Henry Smith Charity
  • Lloyds Bank Foundation
  • The Leatherseller’s Company Charitable Fund
  • The Lucille Foundation
  • The Linbury Trust
  • London Churches Refugee Fund
  • Mrs. Smith and Mount Trust
  • Peter Stebbings Memorial Charity
  • The Rayne Foundation
  • The Reel Fund – David Kogan and Leah Schmidt
  • The Roddick Foundation
  • The Simon & Lynn Dodds Fund
  • Samworth Foundation
  • Society of the Holy Child Jesus
  • Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation
  • The Tudor Trust
  • And those funders who wish to remain anonymous

Our Donors and Patrons

Our donors and patrons constitute a wide range of professions, connections to Baobab, and giving amounts. Baobab gratefully acknowledges support from the following donors and patrons:

  • Harrison Rose, Theatre Producer and Playwright
  • Professor Heaven Crawley, University of Coventry
  • Professor Philippe Sands QC
  • Skin, musician
  • And those who wish to remain anonymous.

Please consider making a donation. Or if you are interested in becoming a patron please get in touch.